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Injury Treatment & Prevention

Injury Treatment & Prevention

Galway Injury Therapy treat a wide variety of sports injuries through hands on massage therapy & numerous other techniques.

Our goal is to identify and help with injuries that occur when engaging in sports, exercise & day to day living & use a range of techniques to help you back to full fitness. Our injury recovery & rehabilitation programmes are tailored to you individually, taking account of the injury, your health history and goals.

We provide treatment for a range of common problems, including:

Our injury treatment techniques encompass a deep and rehabilitating process that manipulates the soft tissue. As a result, this helps to:

Prevent future injury

Eliminate muscle, tendon & ligament pain

Relieve the soft tissue of any stress

We provide personalized treatment plans based on your requirements.

What will happen in your Deep Tissue / Sports Massage session?

Treatment and rehabilitation will vary from patient to patient, as we always take into account the unique requirements of each person we see.

Work Related Injury Diagnosis & Rehabilitation

A huge percentage of work-related injuries are caused by damage to the soft tissue; sprains and strains of muscles, ligaments and tendons. The decisions made & actions taken following a workplace injury can have a huge effect on your prospects for a full recovery. It is critical you receive a prompt diagnosis so that an appropriate rehabilitation plan can be implemented to ensure you make a full recovery.



Our Treatment Process:


An in-depth chat about your symptoms, conerns and goals. Let's find out why you're in pain and how to get better.


We are trained to the highest standards. With evidence-based assessment, we diagnose and explain your issue.


We enjoy helping patients with hands-on therapies including massage, acupuncture, mobilisations and more.


Progressive rehabilitation is crucial to avoid recurrence. Our team will advance your exercises or modify your routine to ensure progression.

Injury Prevention

“Prevention is always better than cure” they say. Sean Mulroe at Galway Injury Therapy offers a comprehensive injury prevention & education programme, equipping clients with tools & knowledge to ensure they avoid debilitating injuries which threaten careers and inhibit lifestyles.

Whether you’re an athlete, hobbyist or office worker, knowledge of injury prevention and a sound programme to follow can help to ensure you can continue to enjoy complete freedom of movement.

Injury prevention education and programming is suitable for all types of clients. At Galway Injury Therapy we work with:

Educational programmes are developed depending on the specific requirements of the client, as, for example, a full-time athlete will require a different approach in comparison to a hobbyist.

We always consult with our clients to understand their goals and identify the most likely causes of injury so we can implement a programme that will address all relevant risks.


Injury Prevention & Education

We take a wide approach to injury prevention and education, providing professional, educational advice that you can trust. Our injury prevention education programmes are suitable for people of all fitness levels and athletic abilities and take all aspects of exercise into account. We advise on all kinds of injury prevention, ranging from the study of your existing training schedule to treatment with deep tissue sports massage and stretches. If you’re curious about how to prevent injury while playing sports, why not call us now?

Here is a list of common problems we treat:

Elbow, Wrist & Hand
Pelvis & Hips
Foot & Ankle
Sport Performance