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Corporate Wellbeing

Corporate Massage for progressive Galway Businesses

Galway Injury Therapy help companies look after employee health and well-being by bringing the benefits of massage to the workplace. We offer an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of on-site chair massage with no disruption to the working day.

Workplace massage Therapy

Our world is fast-paced and stressful, any typical workday consists of crouching over a computer for hours on end. For many companies in Ireland, on-site massage has become increasingly popular to support employee wellness.

Workplace massage can help your employees feel exceptional, think more clearly, and be more productive. I will offer an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of an on-site chair massage to support health and wellbeing. Each massage is personalized to relieve tiredness, decrease muscle tension, improve concentration and reduce mental stress.

 If you are looking for ways of improving employee morale, creating a more positive work environment, and increasing productivity Galway Injury Therapy can provide an affordable and straightforward solution and at the same time reduce stress in Galway & Mayo based workplaces.

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How we help Galway Businesses

By delivering an exceptional quality service in caring, professional and flexible manner, I aim to provide the best possible experience with a simple and affordable way to reduce stress in the workplace.

Non -invasive massage provides a 15-20 minute treatment performed on a specially designed chair. There is no need to undress as I do not use any oils. Based on Shiatsu and Swedish massage techniques , acupressure and stretches are applied to the back, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. The unique blend of massage styles makes my on-site massage treatments the best in the business.

Our treatments are specifically created to reduce muscle tension, which occurs in the everyday working environment due to a prolonged sitting /standing position, it also helps decrease stress and anxiety, which accompanies us every day.

Our massage treatments leave your staff feeling physically relaxed, regenerated and energised and ready to return to work with renewed concentration.

A regular on-site massage program in the workplace helps by reducing staff non attendance and healthcare costs, while also improving staff morale, increasing performance and efficiency and creating a more positive and creative work environment.

Benefits of on-site massage in the Workplace:

Benefits of your corporate wellbeing services:


“Sean is extremely knowledgeable and thorough, I would highly recommend him.”

What is the general procedure when you work with a corporate client?

Bookings can be made online or by phone – see details on contact page. Once all appointment slots have been taken it is good idea to have a reserve list.

Where to have your treatments? A vacant meeting room, An area in an open plan office, In a large foyer.

Health and safety: Ask each member of staff if they can pre-fill the safety form and take it to their appointment. Also instruct the staff to let us know about pressure, as we will provide a bespoke treatment for each staff member.

Following the treatment: After the day we will follow up with you to see how the day went and send you a feedback link. We will share any feedback with you that the staff members may have left.

What would your ideal offering to each employee look like:

Define your package offering for the client.

Our Clients Reviews

Sean is extremely knowledgeable and thorough, I would highly recommend him.

    Eanna McNamara

    The absolute best physiotherapist. Very dedicated to his job and works very hard to make sure you get results.

      Mary Gilmore

      Frequently Asked Questions

      To set up a single massage chair, all that’s required is a space about 5×5 feet. The chair itself only takes up a fraction of that space.

      The rest of the area is used for the massage therapist to move all around the chair to work the client’s neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and back.

      Since chair massage is fully clothed, most massage therapists don’t utilize oils in the massage. Some therapists do offer the client the use of lotion or oil on the neck and hands, but they will ask you first if you want it. If you’re doing full body massages at work, then yes, oils or lotions would be used.

      Chair massage is performed fully clothed, this is why it is perfect for the corporate environment. Heavy jackets or jumpers may be removed for the full benefit of the massage.

      No, quite the opposite. Massages are conducted in a quiet space and are meant to provide your employees with renewed energy and focus – which leads to increased productivity.

      The cost is usually fully covered by the company as part of their employee welfare program.